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Debut Spiritual Authors'  Award

Almora has been the cultural and spiritual capital of Kumaon Uttarakhand for centuries and is associated with many spiritual luminaries, and great minds. Many amazing books have been written here, it has been a thriving centre of art and culture. Over time this Almora has become eclipsed, and we are trying to rejuvenate the spirit of Kumaon which lives in the hearts of all those who have known this space. 


We require details about any book recommended along with a bio about the author, and one sample chapter. Please email these to us at We would also require the contact details of the author being recommended for the award so our jury can have a dialogue with them. 


Based on this, our jury of three writers in the genre of Religion and Spirituality will be shortlisting about five books.  We will require shortlisted books to be sent to our jury members, for selecting the winner of the award.


We are seeking books on spirituality that resonate with the knowledge and wisdom of the lofty Himalaya. Criteria for the award is a well-researched book that reflects the depth of search  of the writer and subject knowledge, while being presented well and importantly, being inspirational. 


The Jury for 2024 Awards comprises of Ms. Romola Butalia, Ms. Sunita Pant Bansal and Sh. Vithal C. Nadkarni.


Meet The Jury

Our jury for the 2024 Awards comprises of more than a century's worth worth of experience in spiritual writing and literature among themselves. Each member brings with them a distinct perspective, contributing to a holistic assessment of all the entries for the Awards.   

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